Big Y Silver Savings Club Review & Giveaway


When Big Y first came out with their Silver Savings Club, I honestly wasn’t a fan.  I couldn’t figure out why I should pay for something I was getting for free with the Silver Coins.  However, Big Y gave me a Silver Savings Club card to test out last year because I have a blog.  I have to say I’ve completely changed my mind about the program and now recommend it. I’ve save a lot of money using it and the convenience can’t be beat.

The best part about the Silver Savings Club is that there is a money back guarantee.  If you don’t save at least $20 during the year, which is the price of the card, Big Y will give you DOUBLE your money back.  To me, that’s a win-win!!!

Having the Silver Savings Club card also saves me time and money.  I don’t have to worry about remembering to bring my silver coins to the store.  I was famous for forgetting my coins; and not having the coins completely defeated the purpose of going to Big Y for the sales.  Now that I have the Silver Savings Club card, I don’t have to make trips back home because I’ve forgotten my coins.  That’s a savings on time and gas.

The Silver Savings Club card also has additional benefits, too.  The card gets you discounts on parking at Bradley International Airport, movie tickets, and more!  There’s no doubt you’ll get your money’s worth out of the card.

If you’re still not convinced you want to spend the $20, Big Y has given me three Silver Savings Club card certificates  to give away so you can try the program.  If you are already a Silver Card Club member, you can use also use the certificate to extend your membership an additional year.

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