Downtime Dollars – ShopRite’s New Way to Save Money

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A big shout out to Cara M. for telling me about ShopRite’s new program called Downtime Dollars.  With Downtime Dollars, you watch short ads and answer some questions to earn money which you can then use to buy groceries.  Just sign in to get started.  It was SO EASY!   I was able to earn $3.90!  Once you earn the money, you will be prompted to add a coupon to your Price Plus card.  The coupons have to be uploaded in $3 increments, so I was only able to load a $3 coupon to my card.  However, the $.90 will be saved and put toward the next $3 increment.  Earning that money took less than five minutes, so it’s something you can do while watching TV or while waiting in line at the bank.

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