Going Green At Home Saves Money

3-pack Wool Dryer Balls Bee's Wrap Multi-Size 3-Pack

Two months ago, I subscribed to a service called The Mighty Fix.  This company, Mighty Nest, offers ways to go green at home one step at a time.  For me, using plastic wrap, dryer sheets, and the like is just second nature; it’s what I grew up using.  Going green with these items can be expensive and just crazy to do all at once, though.  That’s where The Mighty Fix comes in.  Once a month, they send me an item that replaces something in my home that’s bad for the environment with something that is all natural and sustainable.  So far, I’ve received the wool dryer balls and Bees Wrap, which replaces plastic wrap.  Both items work fantastically!  Plus, I’m saving money because I no longer have to buy dryer sheets or plastic wrap.  I’m really looking forward to see what next month brings!

If you’d like to try The Mighty Fix, you can use the code INVITE7 for $7 off your subscription.

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