Want 23 Swag Bucks? I’ve Got the Skinny on Where and When


This news is HOT, HOT, HOT!  You can earn 23 Swag Bucks with the codes below.  I even have the  the times they will be active ahead of time.  Set a reminder in your phone or put it on your calendar.  I will be sending out reminder posts, too.

Here are the codes: 

9/10 – Skatergirl19 (4SB) 
1-2:30pm PDT on Blog – All except India

9/13 – BlackCat (4 SB)
6-8am PDT on Facebook – All except Australia

9/17 – Foliage (6 SB)
9am-10:30am PDT on Blog – All except India and Australia

9/19 – LandLubber (5 SB)
3-5pm PDT on Twitter – All except India

9/20 – ListenUp (4 SB)
10am-11:30am on Blog (US) Facebook (UK/IE, CA)

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