Do THIS To Get A Spectacular Tasting Turkey for Thanksgiving


I’ve hear so many people say they don’t like turkey because it’s dry.  And then I’ve heard all sorts of crazy recipes for keeping your bird moist.  Some work.  Some don’t.  However, I have a fool proof way to keep your turkey moist and delicious this Thanksgiving.

Well, I can’t actually take credit for this idea.  My husband, Gary, is the cook in this family.  I shop, and he does all the cooking, which works just fine for me.  If you’re not familiar with it, Gary has a blog called A Real Dad Makes Real Food.  He publishes original recipes for all sorts of things including meats, seafood, side dishes and desserts.  Three years ago, he publish this recipe for brining turkey.  Gary swears by brining meats like poultry and pork to keep them moist and delicious.  Even accidentally overcooking the turkey won’t matter too, too much if you brine the turkey first.


Brining isn’t difficult; it just adds an extra step to your Thanksgiving preparation.  However, the results are completely worth the extra small amount of work.  Enjoy!

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