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I’ve been sort of lamenting the demise of Mambo Sprouts and their natural, organic and gluten free coupons.  Yeah.  The “regular” coupon sites have some of these types of coupons; but, as one reader recently pointed out to me, most of these coupons are for processed foods.  There’s not much in the way of healthy foods.

Enter Makeena!  Similar to Ibotta, Makeena offers cash back (FREE MONEY) on products you are going to buy anyway.  I just downloaded the app, and there are offers for any brand blueberries, eggs, strawberries, spinach, onions, bananas, yams, sweet potatoes, blackberries, tomatoes as well as bulk whole foods like beans and seeds.  There are also offers for prepared foods from Udi’s, Namaste, Gardein, and lots more.  I was actually blown away on how many offers were available for just regular any brand produce and bulk items.

If you are used to using eCoupon sites like IbottaFetch Rewards, and Checkout 51, Makeena should be a walk in the park – a natural and organic park! Just go HERE to start earning your cash back.  Oh, and you’ll get $1.00 in your account just for downloading the app and another $.50 for your first receipt!


How Makeena Works

Scan – Brand Items

  • Makeena is smart enough to automatically add the offers/rewards when you scan a barcode.
  • No need to browse and add the items manually every time!

Add – Special Offers

  • For special offers from Makeena, barcode scanning is not needed.
  • Simply tap “ADD” button next to the item in the barcode scanning page.

Snap Receipt

  • Take a picture of the entire receipt from top to bottom.
  • For a long receipt, you can add a section.
  • Make sure all of the text in the receipt is readable.

Manage Receipts

  • If you make a mistake, you can cancel your submission and re-submit.
  • For any declined receipts, you can easily re-submit without having to scan barcodes again.

Redeem Rewards

  • If you have enough points for rewards such as extra cash back or freebies (100% cash back), you’ll get a pop-up asking if you’d like to redeem them when you scan the barcode.
  • Or, you can also go the brand’s rewards page to manually add the reward to your shopping list.



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