From My Husband’s Kitchen: Black Garlic Mushroom Risotto


My husband has been experimenting with recipes for black garlic, and this is the very first of many to come.  We make black garlic for our business (Mac Brothers Gourmet Foods), and are very enamored with black garlic ourselves. We use it at home all the time and love the taste.  One of the questions we get is what to do with black garlic.  Because of this, Gary has decided to create a bunch of recipes using the stuff. Instead of just telling people, “we use it in everything”, we thought actual recipes would be much better.  When people are unfamiliar with an ingredient, it’s better to have actual recipes.

This recipe for black garlic mushroom risotto is simply wonderful!  This is a vegetarian side dish recipe that you can easily turn into a main dish simply by adding some shrimp, chicken or tofu.  Enjoy!

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