Have A Cat? You NEED To Use This for Cat Litter – CHEAP!


For about four years, I’d been using chicken feed crumbles as my cat litter.  The crumbles worked the same as clumping cat litter and was a bunch cheaper than actual cat litter.  I paid about $15-20 for a 50 lb bag.  Because it weighed so much less than cat litter, this bag was huge and used to last me almost a month with eight cats and seven litter boxes.

About a month ago, my friend, who runs a cat rescue, told me about horse pellet bedding.  These pellets are made from all natural pine sawdust.  When they get wet with urine, the crumble back into saw dust.  Furthermore, the litter boxes are so much easier to clean.  I change them every three to four days.  The used litter just slides right out of the boxes.  Changing the litter takes me far less time than it used to because I don’t have to scrape the stuck litter mixed with urine off the bottom of the boxes.  The best part?  THE PELLETS ARE ONLY $6 FOR A  40 LB BAG!!! And one bag lasts the same amount of time as my old litter.  Another advantage is I hardly have any more smell with my boxes.  All my boxes are in one room in my basement and I don’t notice a bad smell.  Mostly I smell something that’s akin to a horse barn or lumber mill.  I honestly can’t say enough good things about my switch to using the horse bedding pellets.  Please give it a try and tell me what you think.  It’s only a $6 investment.

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