How to Find Coupons for Natural, Organic, and Gluten Free Products

One of the questions I frequently get in my couponing classes is how to find coupons for natural, organic and gluten free products. Although coupons for these products aren’t super common, they are still out there.

If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the Mambo Sprouts newsletter. Not only does Mambo Sprouts have a good number of coupons for natural, organic and gluten free products, they also send out periodic emails with additional coupons and information about these products. You can find recipes, contests, and product reviews all focused on healthy and green eating.

Another place to find coupons for natural, organic and gluten free products is Whole Foods, which bills itself as a natural and organic grocery store. Whole Foods publishes it’s own store coupons. Whole Foods coupons can be combined with Mambo Sprouts coupons, which are manufacturer’s coupons. For instance, if Whole Foods has a coupon for San-J tamari sauce and you find a coupon on Mambo Sprouts for the same product, you can use BOTH coupons on the San-J tamari. This is called stacking.

Visiting company websites or emailing companies that manufacture natural, organic and gluten free foods is another way to find the coupons you need. For example, both Earthbound Farms and Food for Life will send you coupons if you email them and ask. Just like any other company, companies that sell natural, organic and gluten free foods want you to try their products. They are usually more than happy to send you a coupon or two.

Coupons for natural, organic, and gluten free foods can also be found by using both the regular coupon database and the Organic Coupon database on my website. Both are free to use and very easy. Simply type the product you are looking fore in the search box. If there is a coupon for that product, a list will pop up with where to find that specific coupon.

Because I know many of you love these types of coupons, I’m always on the lookout for them. Therefore, I would also add Gina’s Kokopelli to your list of where you can find natural, organic, and gluten free coupons. I’ve recently added two new categories you can find under the “good deals” tab on the top of my website: Gluten Free and Natural/Organic. Be on the lookout for more and more coupons and deals in these categories.

Please let me know if you have other sources for natural, organic, and gluten free coupons. I would love to add to my list!

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