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Fetch Rewards is yet another way to earn free gift cards and more when you head to the grocery store.  Like Ibotta, Savingstar, Checkout 51 and BerryCart, Fetch Rewards gives you points for buying certain products.  Fetch Rewards has a bit of a twist the others don’t have.  With Fetch Rewards, you get rewarded EVERY time you go to the grocery store.  You don’t have to buy specific products to get points.  Although you earn more points if you buy specific items or brands, you will always earn points regardless of what you buy.  Some of the brands that earn you extra points are Aquafina, Aunt Jemima, Boca, Breyers, Campbell’s, Quaker, Dove, Heinz, Huggies, Kleenex, Kraft, Lipton and so much more!!

It’s really easy to join Fetch Rewards, too!  Just download the app onto your smartphone to get started. Once you’re all registered**, you are set to upload your grocery receipts.  Just take a picture of your receipt, and you almost instantly get points added to your account.  It’s so easy!

**If you could PLEASE use my referral code (PH2UF) when you create your account I would REALLY appreciate it.  I don’t make a profit writing my blog; all I want to accomplish is to make enough to cover my monthly hosting and internet fees for the website.  If you could help out, that would be fantastic!!

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