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The last week has been one of the worst of my life.  My mom died last Tuesday morning (4/25 – the day after my 50th birthday), and I’ve been alternating between sad and numb ever since.  I have my okay moments, and I have my moments when not having my mom around becomes overwhelming.  I’m sure many of you know exactly how I feel.

Many of you took time out of your day to send along your words of condolences and virtual hugs. Thank you. You have also been very patient with me as I get my life on track and my head back in the game. Thank you.  I know many of you count on my match ups every week, and it pained me to let you down.  However, I wasn’t in a place where matching up coupons to sales mattered to me.

I’ve come to the juncture of my mom’s passing where I just need to keep busy, so you’ll be seeing more and more posts as the days roll on.  Grocery store match ups will also start back this week with Big Y (if I ever get the flyer!), followed by Stop & Shop and ShopRite.

Life goes on even after losing one’s mom.

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