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My husband, Gary, and I like to try new places to eat.  In our travels around Connecticut, we’ll often pick an interesting looking restaurant or take a recommendation from a friend and try something new.  I thought it was time to write about our experiences so others can benefit.  Gina’s Kokopelli is about saving and using money wisely.  Therefore, I want to pass on my experiences at different (independent, not chain) restaurants to help you use your money wisely.  

Restaurant The Breakfast Nook,  448 Washington Ave. North Haven, CT 06473
 – 9/10
Food – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Price Point – Good Deal
Score – Highly Recommend!!

I can’t lie and say today was the first time I’ve been to The Breakfast Nook; however, today I went expressly to be able to write my review.  I discovered The Breakfast Nook when my BFF and I went a few months ago.  She had been before and really liked it.  I’m always up for trying new places.  I admit I’ve been back many times since.

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For today’s meal, I ordered two eggs over medium with toast.  I often will get just an egg or two because it’s so incredibly inexpensive.  One egg with toast is just $1.95; two eggs is $2.50!  It’s more than enough food for me.  The eggs were done exactly to order and the toast is made with homemade bread they get from a local bakery.  Gary is someone who loves variety, so although he can’t eat much (we’ve both had gastric bypass) he always orders an enormous breakfast.  His breakfast had two pieces of French toast (made with homemade bread), three scrambled eggs, two sausage links, two strips of bacon, home fries, and toast for $11.99.  According to Gary, the eggs, which he always orders done “soft”, were perfect.  This is a big deal since rarely does this happen.  For some reason, restaurants almost always cooked scrambled eggs “hard” and they are way too done for him.

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Because Gary always orders a huge breakfast, I rarely order my own home fries because there are plenty for me to steal off his plate.  The home fries were very tasty and not at all dry.  Furthermore, they were made with regular, fresh potatoes and not ones from a can like that other place I told you about.  Gary said the French toast was really good, too.  (He’s kind of a French Toast snob, so this is high praise!!)

All in all, I would highly recommend The Breakfast Nook.  Just note they are only open until 2 PM and are absolutely mobbed on weekends and holidays.  If you want to check it out, go early on a weekend or stick to a week day.


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