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My husband, Gary, and I like to try new places to eat.  In our travels around Connecticut, we’ll often pick an interesting looking restaurant or take a recommendation from a friend and try something new.  I thought it was time to write about our experiences so others can benefit.  Gina’s Kokopelli is about saving and using money wisely.  Therefore, I want to pass on my experiences at different (independent, not chain) restaurants to help you use your money wisely.  


Restaurant – The Sloppy Waffle, 2551 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT
– 7/10
Food – 2/10
Service – 5/10
Price Point – Average
Score – NOT worth the money

Gary and I have been driving past The Sloppy Waffle for several years.  Breakfast happens to be my husband’s absolute favorite meal to eat out, and so The Sloppy Waffle has been on his “to do” list since we first saw it.  We decided to make today our maiden voyage and showed up a bit before noon.

Although the atmosphere was quite cute, I was immediately put off by the fact that I had to use their ATM to take out cash.  They don’t take cards.  Okay, I can deal with that.  Also, I had to go to a counter to order my food.  Again, I can deal.  I guess I don’t have to be waited on by someone.

Gary and I placed our orders (be prepared if you want cheese other than American.  They don’t have it.) and went to grab coffee which is in another room.  (Self serve.)  No decaf was available.  Now, I can drink the leaded stuff, but I prefer decaf, and I was really surprised they didn’t have any available later in the morning when most people would be switching.  Thankfully, the coffee was good!

When our food came, it looked really good.  Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.  I ordered two eggs over easy, toast, and home fries.  My eggs were cooked just fine and their toast is made with homemade bread.  The bread ended up being the best part of the meal.  The home fries were made with canned potatoes and tasted really bad.  They had a funky sour taste they tried to cover up with too much smoked paprika.  After two bites, I left those alone.

Gary order the Louie Special which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, the homemade bread toast, home fries, and their signature waffle.  According to Gary, the eggs, which he had ordered scrambled soft, were over cooked and that thing they called a waffle was the absolute worst excuse for a waffle he’d ever had. About the only thing it had in common with a waffle was the shape. I tried a bit of the waffle and had to agree.  Nasty.  Gary also agreed the home fries were the worst he’d had in a long time.

In conclusion – I wouldn’t waste your money on The Sloppy Waffle.

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